50/50 Timothy Ultra Premium & Orchard

Combine our best quality Timothy and Orchard hay boxes to add variety and a range of plant based nutrients. Delivered as separate boxes so that you can combine to your preferred blend.  Or feed different types of hay at different meal times.

- Nutritious Premium Quality Animal Feed. Contains vitamins A, E, K and D.

- Cut early in the season to maintain its natural goodness.

- Dust extracted and hand packed. 


5kg is delivered as one 2.5 kilo box of Timothy and one 2.5 kilo box of Orchard.

10kg is delivered as one 5 kilo box of Timothy & one 5 kilo box of Orchard.

Feeding guidelines:

5kg will feed one medium sized rabbit for approx. 4 weeks.

10kg will feed a pair of medium sized rabbits for approx. 4 weeks.


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