Meet the Team

Meet the passionate team behind Healthy Herby

We are a family-orientated business, passionate in providing only the best, nutrient rich animal feed.

Head Farmer

Martin grows our amazing hay and straw. He is a 4th generation British farmer and has lived on our beautiful farm in Worcestershire his whole life.



Dawn is our creative spirit and eco-warrior. She ensures all our packaging not only looks good but is kind to the environment too! Dawn is also 'bunmum' to our super friendly bunnies, Herby and Hay!


Hay Expert!

Henry works with Martin on the farm lovingly tending our Healthy Herby Hay to ensure it gets to you in tip top condition. He also looks after our sheep, who, as you might expect, love our Hay!


Tractor expert!

George loves being on a tractor both planting and harvesting. When he's not on a tractor his other passion is his motor bike.


Computer Geek!

Amanda looks after our computer systems. Well somebody had to do it! She loves animals and is mum to Ludo (our resident pooch!)


Head Chef & Cake Expert!

Margaret looks after the team who all agree she makes excellent cakes!


Chief Hay and Forage Taster

Herby thinks he is the most important member of the team.


Hay & Treat connoisseur!

Hay tells Herby what to do!